Our Kitchen

Let us cook the meals for your next event.

Our full menu is available to you.  Whether you are looking for something small or on a large scale our kitchen can accommodate.  We can  can do a buffet style, boxed lunches, finger food trays, or packaged food in bulk. 

We invite you to look at our menu and see all of the options that are available for you.  Gluten free, Vegan, Soy Free, Nut Free, or any other modifications can we modified with our Chef's.  

Send us a message with the time, date, and number of guests for your next event.  When it comes to catering your wedding we please ask for a month in advance and all other orders can be placed within a 72 hour time frame. 

Leave the cooking to us!  Text our caterer now to get a quicker response.  

Catering Menu

Taco Bar 

Includes 2 tacos per person


Pico de Gallo

Chips & Salsa

Mexican Rice

Choice of Beans: Refried Pinto or Black

Choice of 1 Protein:

Veggie Fajita, Soy Chorizo, Seitan Chicharron,

Seitan Fish, Scrambled Tofu, Al Pastor (seitan or soy), Barbacoa (seitan or soy), Lemon herbed Seitan Chic'n, Seitan Milanesa strips, or Grilled vegetables.

$10 per person.

Add Guacamole $35 a quart

Add Vegan Queso $35 a quart

Sandwich Tray


Sandwiches will be cut in half and wrapped individually.

You can select 3 varieties per tray.

Vegan Potato Salad

Vegan Avocado

Vegan BLT

Vegan Seitan Steak 

Vegan BBQ

Vegan Turkey 

Vegan Grilled Tofu

Vegan Tofu No Egg Salad

Grilled Veggie w/Cheese

Small/Serves 12.     Large/Serves 24

Pricing will vary upon your selection.

Small Starts at $54

Large Starts at $108

Fruit Tray

Seasonal fruit tray will have any of the following:

Pineapple, watermelon, cantaloupe, mango, strawberries, blackberries, raspberries, oranges, apples, grapes, papaya, kiwi, star fruit, or honeydew melon. 

Small/Serves 12.     Large/Serves 24

      $39                 $78


Add a quart of Granola $7

Add a quart of Homemade Yogurt  $6

Sampler Tray

Mini Potato Patties

Mini Potato Flautas

Mini Veggie Spring Rolls (vegan egg roll)

Seitan Chic'n Nuggets

Small/Serves 12.     Large/Serves 24

     $60.50                  $121

Sampler Tray

Tamale Bar for 6

Two Tamales per person.

Choose Tamales:

Vegan Refried Pinto Bean

Vegan Tofu & Sunflower

Vegan Vegetable

Cheese & Jalapeño

Mexican Brown Rice

Choice of Beans: Refried Pinto or Black 

Salsa Ranchero


Enchilada Dinner for 6

Two Enchiladas per person.

Choose 2 fillings:

  *Monterrey Jack Cheese

  *Spinach, mushrooms, onions & tomatoes


  *Tofu scramble

  *Mixed Vegetables (Broccoli, zucchini, squash, bell pepper, onions, carrots & garlic)

Choose 1 Salsa:

  *Spicy Ranchera

  *Spicy Chipotle

  *Non Spicy Verde

  *Mild Roja


Mexican Brown Rice

Choice of Beans: Refried Pinto or Black 


Agua Fresca

Spinach & Pineapple






Strawberry Lemonade

Blueberry Lemonade


$18 a Gallon

Fresh Pressed Juices

*Carrot, Beet, & Spinach

*Apple, Carrot, & Ginger

*Carrot & Ginger

*Sangria Juice (Carrot, Beets, & Celery)

$40.50 per gallon

Boxed Lunch

Sandwich option

Choice of one Sandwich:

Vegan Mr. Natural Burger,

Vegan BLT 

Vegan Avocado Sandwich

Choose one side salad:



Carrot Pineapple 

Choose one:

Tortilla chips & salsa or

1 GF chocolate donut

$13.50 per boxed Sandwich 

$2.50 extra for Gluten Free Bread

Chile Relleno Dinner ​for 6


Half a Chile Relleno (choice of 2):

  *Picadillo de soya Vegan & GF
  *Sauteed vegetables Vegan & GF

  *Black Bean chili Vegan & GF

  *Seitan Fajita Vegan

  *Tofu scramble with soy chorizo Vegan & GF

  *Potatoes, cheese, & corn (Not vegan, egg covering)


Choice of Cheese:

  *Monterrey Jack Cheese

  *Vegan Dalya Cheese


Choose 1 Salsa:

  *Spicy Ranchera

  *Spicy Chipotle

  *Non Spicy Verde

  *Mild Roja


Choice of Beans: Refried Pinto or Black 

Mexican Brown Rice


Catering Request

Have an event you want us to cater? Send us a request to receive a quote. We will be happy to answer any questions and take your request. 

Thanks for submitting!