Mr Natural Yoga

Hatha Yoga for Beginners 

Yoga Instructor - Maria Luisa Mendoza

Dates: Mon, Wed Fri.
Times: please call for times
Yoga Room @ Mr. natural's
1901 E. Cesar Chavez St.

Hatha Yoga is the branch of the Yoga disciplines that uses breathing and traditional postures (called Asanas) to bring into harmony the body, emotions and mind. Hatha Yoga is a gentle introduction to this ancient art, designed for beginners and paced to accommodate those not athletically inclined.

The classes are divided into three units:

  1. Psycho-physical calisthenics to warm the muscles and energize the body
  2. Stretches to prepare the muscles for the asana and to promote agility
  3. Asana or yoga postures that balance natural energy calm the mind and emotions.

Hatha Yoga has been shown to bestow many benefits to practitioners; it promotes relaxation and harmonious union of mind and body. It stimulates the endocrine glandular system, aids circulation and can help to lower blood pressure. Hatha yoga is an integral factor in stress managment and can alleviate depression.

The Yoga practitioner enjoys deep and refreshing sleep and lessening of chronic tension and anxiety.

Hatha Yoga can slow the effects of aging, promoting a supple body, positive outlook and mental sharpness.

A general senser of health, happiness and well-being are results of the rejuvenating effects of Hatha Yoga.

Students are required to be in general good health, or if under a doctor's care, to show a doctor's authorization to enter the class.

Fee is $60.00 per month for 3 lessons per week

Trial class is $15.00 which will apply to monthly fee if student chooses to enroll